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Six high-school friends are chatting through Skype when they receive a message from their former friend Laura Barns, who committed suicide after watching a footage in Internet showing her completely wasted. They believe it is a troll, but soon they learn that something supernatural is happening. Further, their dirty little secrets are exposed while they are mysteriously murdered one by one.

What people are saying:

“Unfriended adds a novel 21st century twist to the horror genre that transcends its silly storyline and slow pace with a smart, tension-packed script that manages some legitimate chills to go with its timelessly relevant social subtext.” 3 1/2 stars

“Perhaps director Gabriadze and writer Nelson Greaves intended to create a Social Media “Scream” and a commentary on cyber-bullying, but “Unfriended” comes across as disdainful of millennials. ” 2 stars

“Wow, now this is one scary movie, I was practicly sweating after finishing this movie. There’s a lot of anticipation as well as a ghoulish and creepy little story, and a new found footage style, using Skype, I found that to be clever. It’s well done and it’s definitly one scary movie, not just disturbing, but actually SCARY!!! Recommended !!” 3 1/2 stars

“It’s original and definitely watchable, but Unfriended doesn’t sell itself well. After a while I was rooting for the killer. These stupid teenagers lose their s— over the lamest things. Buncha whiners.” 2 stars

“It’s definitely very realistic in terms of its execution in dealing with technology and its format of being shown through computer screens, but as with a lot of found footage films, while it sets up very realistically, it dives too much into wanting to scare its audience rather than letting the restrictions of its concept drive the scares more naturally and subtly. The acting isn’t bad, it’s more so the directing trying to do too much near the end of the film.” 2 stars