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Poetic Justice

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Justice (Janet Jackson) is a young woman living in South Central, Los Angeles. She was named Justice by her late mother, who gave birth to her while attending law school. After the shooting death of her boyfriend (Q-Tip), the young woman becomes deeply depressed. Shortly thereafter, she meets a Post Office clerk and single father named Lucky (Tupac Shakur), who embarks with her on a trip to Oakland with Iesha and her boyfriend Chicago (played by Regina King and Joe Torry, respectively). In classic Hollywood type, the young woman’s heart opens to her suitor’s attentions as she finds a new meaning for life.


Some people have called this film Boyz N the Hood lite. I really don’t understand that, since they have little in common with each other, but to each their own, I suppose.

Poetic Justice is a film about Justice, a single woman who writes these beautiful poems and her relationship with Lucky, the mailman who wants out of the ‘hood. Of course, these two don’t begin the film together, as a matter of fact when they first meet, Justice is still mourning the loss of her previous boyfriend who was shot at the drive in right in front of her, but this wouldn’t be a Hollywood production if the two didn’t get together, especially over the course of a road trip.

When this film was released there was one reason, and one reason alone, I wanted to see it…JANET JACKSON!!!

Hey, don’t judge me! I was a teenage boy at the time, and she was one of the many women plastered on my wall!

As time has passed, though, I have come to realize what a great film this is…and Janet is still a major reason for watching this!

First off, let me mention the drive-in. This is one of those pieces of Americana that seems to have disappeared overnight, so anytime I see one on-screen, I have to mention them. I wasn’t around in their heyday, but I did have the opportunity to go to a double feature at one back in 2004. I loved it! It really is a shame they can’t make a comeback!

Back to Poetic Justice…with a title like that, you know there has to be some sort of poetry, right? Well, there is, written so eloquently by Maya Angelou.

The story, albeit a bit cliché and predictable, is actually quite interesting. Seeing these characters develop as individuals and their feelings for each other is a real treat. This filmmaker really did a good job making it believable on film.

I will say, though, that the subplot with the supporting characters seemed a bit…I don’t know…either forced or forgotten, depending on how you look at it.

The themes throughout this film are probably what makes it so memorable. Urban living, single father trying to make it, etc. Real life situations that people can relate too, not to mention characters that seem like you would know them.

Janet Jackson shines in this role. It makes me wonder why she really hasn’t done more acting. I guess she didn’t want to get overexposed, she is shy after all.

Tupac…R.I.P…also does a real good job with his role and the chemistry between he and Janet had me wanting to do bad things to him. No worries, that’s a good thing…a testament to how good he was in this film. Shame his life was cut shirt before we cold see what else he could do on screen.

Poetic Justice is one of those films that has a little bit of something for everyone. Keanu Reeves is actually in here somewhere, but I didn’t see him. Do I recommend this? Yes, unless you just hate dramas, chances are you’ll thoroughly enjoy this picture.

4 1/2 out of 5 stars