The Longest Day


This Oscar-winning war epic chronicles World War II’s harrowing D-Day invasion. Shot on the beaches of Normandy, France, the ambitious film attempts to cover the historic day from all perspectives, focussing on both sides of the conflict.

What people are saying:

“In my opinion, the best, most amazing war movie ever made! This movie completely puts Saving Private Ryan to shame. SPR’s token scene, the landing at Normandy, pails in comparison… only 20 minutes and light on extras compared to The Longest Day’s hour-long assault and gigantic assault force. SPR is the modern man’s watered-down, narrow-focused, grisly action-centered dish… but The Longest Day is the entire meal, offering the total picture of the D-Day invasion, from the executive planning to the troop preparation to the parachute troops, ground attack, and beach assault. This is THE movie for war and history buffs. Also, if you like SPR, I think you owe it to yourself to see the original D-Day movie that was written and made by the WWII generation. Requires an interest in how the whole D-Day operation played out, as well as the little bit of patience to handle a 3-hour 1962 war movie, but an otherwise HIGHLY recommended movie for anyone, especially war and history enthusiasts.” 5 stars

“The longest movie about the longest day. It’s informative and interesting but certainly could have been done in less time. A bit too much jumping around from the Americans to the Brits to the French to the Germans to get everyone’s perspective of the same scene / event. Some of the actors were obnoxiously overdoing it – like that German pilot Pip. Would have been much more effective to have the French and Germans speaking in their native tongues. I don’t mind subtitles at all” 3 stars

“Greatness from the days when films could commit to a topic and stay with it – where today, u wud have made up romances and other distractions to try to please everyone. Of course the cast is loaded with classic American Actors, but to me it’s the German actors! (who actually speak German, which was not the norm in Hollywood then) who steal the movie scenes and really make the film great and real. The running time of the movie was perfect (to me), given the pace and detail the film covers leading up 2 this historic day. Like any great long film u like, u won’t even be thinking of that and well, u have a pause button if u need it” 5 stars

“How appropriate to name a movie to the running time! This was way too long for watch during one sitting, but I am sure that’s how WW II felt like for those who fought and lived through it. ” 3 stars

“This film is now over fifty years old, but holds up very well as one of the best films about D-Day. The long list of big name stars are largely used in appropriate roles. Being filmed in B&W was also a better choice than color. The 3-hour running time was necessary to tell the story, although some early scenes before the invasion are gratuitous. Most of the dialogue is decent, although the scene where the screenwriters felt it necessary to make sure we realize that General Roosevelt was the son of T.R. was a little silly because I’m sure that nothing like this ever took place. One of the most memorable roles was Robert Mitchum as Norman Cota. The director also must have sat on Red Buttons to keep him from mugging his way through his role. ” 4 stars


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