Ghost in a Teeny Bikini



Muffin Baker is the star of cheesy Hollywood films directed by her boyfriend, Ted Wood. A telegram informs her that her rich Uncle Cyrus has died, so she and Ted fly to Ravenswood Manor for the reading of the will. Her uncle’s attorney, Archibald Weisenheimer, has designs on Cyrus’s fortune for his daughter, the grasping Evilyn. In addition, the manor’s manservant and maid hatch their own plan. Helping Muffin is the manor’s ghost, the playful bikini-clad Tabitha. Can ghost and starlet best the Machiavellian machinations of maid, manservant, and majordomo? And what of Uncle’s fortune? Is it really three million?


I’m not going to beat around the bush. The only reason I wasted any time on this atrocity was because Netflix had it recommended and I had some time to waste. Having said that, I wish I had gone with something else they recommended.

Unless you’re a fan fo these soft core porn flicks, there is nothing redeeming about this picture, save for some women with beautiful bodies, but that isn’t enough to neutralize the bad acting.

The film starts with bad acting. I initially thought maybe it was a film within a film, which it turned out to be, but the acting never got any better.

What made it worse, was these strange songs, that had a 50s vibe to them, but on top of not fitting in the film and being very badly lip-synched, just were not necessary.

Look, there is no reason to watch this, so please don’t waste your time.

1/2 out of 5 stars


6 Responses to “Ghost in a Teeny Bikini”

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